Sanborn Area Landmarks

The Ferris Harness Shop, just north of R.T. LeVan's, on the back of the Sanborn Cheese Factory later became the Sanborn Home Telphone Company and now exists as an apartment complex.
Eli Naffus Blacksmith Shop & Foundry torn down and sold to R.T. LeVan in 1910 to build his store.
Eli Naffus, Norm LeVan, Stretch Eddy (?) Peck leVan with Royal T. LeVan by rear wheel.
Kline Bros. Garage, (Clarence & Ray), located next to R.T. LeVan's with their barn in back.
Royal T. LeVan's Store - Built in 1910
R.T. LeVan's in March 1936. Notice the 1930/31 Model A Ford by the gas pumps and Kline Bros. Garage to the left.
Exchange Hotel
Sanborn Hotel, Delivery by LeVan's Model A
Grist Mill located where Townsend Plaza sits today.
Sanborn Milling Company burning in 1949.
Pekin Cut 1915
Building the Pekin Cut on Townline Road in 1916.
Hoover Road Railroad Bridge (1953) looking east from Ward Road crossing.
Left to right: Marlboro Inn, Sanborn Mill (behind), Water Tower, Storage Shed, Train Station (south side of tracks), Railroad Car.



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